strategic foresight in action

Explore the future to transform the present.

EXT helps decision-makers design sustainable strategies, create great products, and change people’s mindset using a Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight approach. 

With strategic foresight, we unfold threats and opportunities from the future 

With service design, we co-build your strategies for complex environments

With tailored talks and workshops, we build future thinking capacities

With an open-source methodology, we democratize the access to foresight

With our experts network, we augment your strategic foresight team

Explore X Time

Strategy lives in the future, but the future cannot be predicted

Combining strategic foresight and futures thinking, we analyze drivers of change and explore scenarios to unfold threats and opportunities from the future


We foresight the evolution of the industry’s uncertainties following a scenario planning approach.

This process reveals possible opportunities and threats, providing crucial information to shape strategies, architect big bets, improve the sustainability of your tactical actions, and benchmark your organization against its potential.


Discover new business

Challenge your industry assumptions and anticipate to new business opportunties.

Make sustainable decisions

Define your strategic roadmap using a new approach that adapts to RUPT contexts.

Prepare for the future

Design your organization’s structures and skill to be ready for the future.

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