Execute X Transformation

Bring ideas from the future to the present. The future can be managed.

Strategic Design is the method for developing manageable, coherent plans once you explored possible future scenarios.

What we do

We help organizations to roadmap complex multidisciplinary projects and transformation processes using an agile spirit and a service design approach.

We analyze and challenge your objectives, empower intrapreneurship and maximize synergies between functional areas for improving the success ratio of your projects.

Some of our clients

How can we help you

Strategy lives in the future. However, it is not possible to predict the future. Strategy is, in fact, a roadmap with multiple feasible paths to the goal.

We help you build and implement sustainable and flexible strategies that ensure your success.

Our products

Roadmap your project

Implement the strategy of your projects with a service design approach.

Way of working
Through agile and service design methodologies, we co-create project roadmaps taking into account all facets: users, processes, technology, business and communications, together with possible threats and opportunities. We implemented a new project management approach.

Typical problems we solve
Well-defined projects, including processes and products.

Strategize your transformation

Bring transformation to life by implementing course of action methodologies

Way of working

By applying systems thinking, we bring all the threads together in one view to build and manage the roadmap to a successful transformation. We develop customized tools for the management of courses of action to achieve the transformation of your business in complex environments.

Typical problems we solve
New lines of business; corporate strategies; business transformations.